Your Teachers

Jered Morin (USA) is an international teacher who has spent the last 17 years sharing his passion on dance floors around the world.

He’s been a featured teacher, performer, and judge at events, studios, and in instructional videos. As a choreographer, his work has been presented before Frankie Manning, at major festivals, and on theatre stages with large acclaim.

He works with African-American vernacular dances, including noted specialties in Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Sunset Shuffle, among others.

Students in his classes say they learn even the most advanced technique in a natural, fun way. Both Leaders and Followers — of all skill levels — are given the tools to be musical from the first step;  translating the music into something impressive and, even more so, expressive.

Jered displays his love for the dance, the music, and the culture through his teachings; his ability to break down powerful technique, then coax out your unique personal style and layer it on top of the core movements, bringing you to the next level.

Johanna Helena (DE) discovered her love of dance in 2009 and hasn't been able to leave the dance floor ever since. She works to share her passion with students in many Hamburg schools such as New Swing Generation, Swingwerkstatt, and at dance halls all over.

She champions her favorite aspects of Afro-American dance; the freedom for self-expression, the musicality that speaks to you in every song, and the communication between partners that makes these dances so unique.

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Special Guest Teachers

International teachers are coming often to Blues In One Day, see links on the Calendar page to get more info about these big names, they are changing every month!